About Apercu: Cinephilia

In August 2011 the Apercu website at berryapercu.wordpress.com was launched with the purpose of serving as an on-line repository for various bits of writing on cinema, literature, music, politics and sport. As it turned out the website developed a loyal readership amongst the internet’s many film enthusiasts, which lead to a disproportionate number of film reviews and comment pieces on film. To help develop this readership further, whilst keeping the original purpose of the Apercu website in mind, this new website has been inaugurated devoted solely to cinema.

Down the right side of the main blog page there is a list of subject categories for film writing. These categories give some idea of the specific interests of this website, that range from a more general focus on reviews of new film releases to extended essay pieces on particular areas of cinema, as well as covering, in detail, Polish cinema and documentary film.

Over the course of 2012 adjustments will be made to the format and layout of the site, which will hopefully make the whole reading experience more accessible. A preliminary schedule for material release looks something like this:-

  • daily reviews of either New Cinema, Cult Film or Classic Film
  • a monthly Retrospective theme (with at least four articles related to it)
  • a monthly Essay that will be feature-length and likely concentrate on a particular      theme, filmmaker or star
  • intermittent reviews of Short Films, as and when these films are made available
  • at least two Polish film reviews per month

Hopefully by the end of February 2012 there will be an established rhythm to the articles published on the website, that will give each reader something to look forward to every week.

Part of the life-blood of websites such as this is a solid interaction with the readership, not to mention those creative figures working within the film industry. If you find that you strongly disagree with an item that is published, then feel free to use the comments section to voice your own thoughts on the subject. All relevant comments will be posted under the article they refer to, and a response will be appended in due course, where required. As has already been the case, if you are a filmmaker, or film studies student and would like your work to be featured, or reviewed, on this site then please do not hesitate to contact myself at the e-mail address listed below. Also, if you believe you can contribute material to the website that meets the standards of the articles already published, then please forward your writing in a .doc or .rtf attachment to the e-mail address below. All work published on the site will be given full attribution and the copyright for the work will remain with the author.

Finally, once things have begun to develop on the website please forward any comments or recommendations for changes you think might make the reading experience more enjoyable, as well as suggestions for future Retrospectives and Essay themes. Thank you for paying a visit to Apercu: Cinephilia and hopefully this will be the first of many.

Rohan Berry                                                             E-mail: rohanberrywriter@gmail.com

(Sunday, January 1st 2012)



  • 10        A Classic                                Vertigo
  • 9          A Masterpiece                        The Conversation
  • 8          A Minor Masterpiece              Seconds
  • 7          A Great                                   Taxi Driver
  • 6          A Good Film                           Midnight in Paris
  • 5          Entertaining                            Pirates of the Caribbean
  • 4          Below Average                       Requiem for a Dream
  • 3          Disappointing                         Ocean’s Thirteen
  • 2          Irritating                                  Flypaper
  • 1          Awful                                      Melancholia
  • 0          Cinematic Flotsam                Absolute Beginners



2 thoughts on “About Apercu: Cinephilia

  1. I like how you provided examples on a chart for your ratings system. Our rating system, using a scale of 3 confuses the hell out of people. Maybe we should implement something similar to your chart.

    • Thank you for the positive feedback. I always find that with rating being a generally subjective thing, it is wise to give the reader a brief idea of how you’re tastes are constructed.

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